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Ten Years

It happened about a week ago while I wasn't paying any attention: this blog celebrated its tenth anniversary. Well, it didn't really celebrate, because absolutely nobody noticed, but you know what I mean. In belated observance of the occasion,  here are photos from the top five most popular posts in Vera's history.   Up top, from 2014, my most viewed post by a long shot,  Lucky Blue Smith
Next, from 2013, is actor/model/photographer/influencer Sean O'Donnell. You can't see the blueness of his eyes from this photo, but trust me, they sure are blue.
Google Adsense said that I'd have to remove this picture of River Viiperi  (from 2010) or they would pull all their ads from my site.  After a brief capitulation on my part, I came to my senses and pulled their ads for them.  It's not like I was making a lot of money from them.

Back to 2014 for almost-too-perfect-to-be-real model Sam Harwood. They say that beauty is transient.  I've got news for you. Four y…

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