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I Loved "Love, Simon"

In case you missed it, this weekend the new movie Love, Simon, hyped as the first mainstream Hollywood movie with a gay teen protagonist, was released to movie theaters, where it made enough money to ensure that it will ultimately earn a profit, but not enough money that the Hollywood studios are all going to want to jump on the gay teen bandwagon. Nevertheless, I really liked Love, Simon.   I was probably predisposed to loving it; it features several actors who I have been following for years ( stalked is such an ugly word) and is based on a YA novel, Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (a title I want back) that I highly recommend. 
Love, Simon is not a work of art like Call Me By Your Name is a work of art.  On the technical side it is about on the same level as your average Disney Channel movie, which is to say brightly lit, competent and bland, and the story, even more than the novel, is a bit predictable and perhaps a bit too willing to give the audience exactly what it wants, but…

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